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Ex-Singapore transport minister slapped with 8 new charges

Ex-Singapore transport minister slapped with 8 new charges

KUALA LUMPUR: Previous Singapore transport serve S. Eswaran, who has been accused of defilement, has been hit with eight new charges. He currently has to deal with 35 penalties altogether.
As per Singapore’s Waterways Times, Eswaran argued not blameworthy to the new charges outlined under Segment 165 of the Correctional Code which makes it an offense for government workers to acknowledge gifts from an individual engaged with them in an authority limit.
Eswaran is blamed for getting products esteemed at SGD18,956.94, including containers of whisky, golf clubs, and a Brampton bike between November 2021 and November 2022.
He purportedly got the merchandise from the overseeing overseer of Loom Chang Building Project workers, an organization that got an agreement from the Land Transport Expert for expansion and modification works to the Tanah Merah MRT Station and existing viaducts.
The organization’s development arm, as per the report, has done extravagant activities in Singapore. Before this, Eswaran had to deal with 27 penalties including two for defilement.
The charges are connected to supposed pay-offs he got from extremely rich person Ong Beng Seng as a prompting to propel the mogul’s advantages in arrangements connected with the Singapore Fabulous Prix.
These pay-offs incorporate tickets for the Singapore GP, football matches, and musicals adding up to over SGD200,000 between November 2015 and December 2021.
Eswaran, who was designated a full clergyman in 2011, left his post in January. He likewise quit as an individual from Parliament and Individuals’ Activity Party.

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