Five features that did NOT make the Apple Ipad 3

The new apple ipad 3 look

The Apple Ipad 3 just came out Wednesday the 7th of March 2012.  As always Apple created a stunning new Ipad but does it live up to its reputation this year?

Previously reported rumors would suggest not. So what’s missing? FULL STORY

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Expected To Hit Stores in 2012?

the new new grand theft auto 5

Rumor has it that the Grand Theft Auto 5 might be on the shelves as very early as the last week of May. This is a bit of a shock since Rockstar Games, the provider responsible for the highly anticipated video game, have not made any significant announcements. However a great deal of gaming websites have speculated that Rockstar will likely set this May as the target date. FULL STORY

Five Super Hot Tech Products to Become Excited About in 2012

A future look of 2012 tech products

Future Technology 2012 product Reviews

A number of great gadgets appeared in this year’s showcased at CES. CES being the worlds biggest exhibit of Tech Trade explicitly for New technology in 2012.

Gadgets and gizmo’s of all kinds were available to feast viewers desires and needs starting of  with technologies such as:

1) Future Technology of Ultrabooks

Intel Ultrabook

Ultrabooks have been out for some time now with Apple’s supper thin laptops such as the Apple’s MacBook Air, but now Microsoft decided to join the battle.

One might rather ask what the Microsoft Ultrabook can’t do? Well it can’t make your coffee but with a USB hot pad it might keep it warm.

What makes this a technology great for 2012, is, it’s ultra thin, has a 10-hour battery life and 32nm processors.

Rumors advice the Ultrabook is to be a low priced consumer PC’s therefore affordable for most and a big competitor to any PC tablets.

It’s expected to roll out some time mid 2012

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2) Future Technology Flexible RollTop Laptops

Discussions of this marvellous new technology started already back in 2009.Future technology rolltop laptop

How this is even tetchily possible is by using a flexible OLED display. This will take Tech maniacs to the next level of extreme and portability of such devises might ruin the conventional laptop reputation for good. Not to mention the end of the good old desktop PC.

Whiles this was not part of the CES exhibit, basic modules are already in production, with an 11” inch flexible display, webcam and loudspeakers.

This future technology is forecasted to come out at the back end of 2012.

For more on: RollTop laptops

3) Future Technology SmartWatches

Smartwatches isn’t so called new to today’s market and one can find smartwatches doing a wide range of things, anything from measuring ones temperature, Smartwatch phones, or your classic Mp3 watch, but there are 2 brands that are making today’s Tech Headlines. Those are from Motorola with its MOTOACTV and Sony’s Android Smartwatch.

The Sony Android SmartwatchSony android SmartWatch with bluetooth

With a 1.3 inch OLED display and fully connectable with your Android Smartphone you can expect to receive text and tweets not to mention the watch coming with a Media player. Sony’s Smartwatch is fully Bluetooth compatible and works with a verity of phones.

Prices will go for anything around $100.

Motorola MOTOACTV Smartwatch

The Motorola MOTOACTV takes on the Apple iPod Nano. This wrist-watch comes with an unbelievable 600Mhz processor, GPS capability and at a mere 35 grams is also a thing of beauty. Unlike it’s Sony competitor it also calculates your run time, pace, steps, and heart rate making a true piece of new technology in 2012

The only thing which isn’t that impressive is the price. For the 8GB version expect your pocket to be about $249 lighter where the16GB version comes at $299.

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4) The Future of the Automobiles in 2012

Card display technology

A couple of large Auto Mobil companies went all techy at CES with futuristic technology concepts and displays where else than in the new Mercedes, Kia, BMW and Audi cars for 2012.

No more of just showing off with engines and car designs but now getting viewers attention with windscreen displays equipped with GPS and other traffic info.

You might drive around your Mc Donald fast food restaurant and get notification of Mc Menus in your windscreen display.

At the back seat children learning how to spell and name animals, houses etc from their window screen.

With cameras in the car, it will monitor driver’s emotions and assist using iOnRoad Android software as a driving assistant.

For more on Auto Mobil displays

5) Future TV Technology - New Display Technology:

The latest LG TV in 2012

Samsung New OLED TV: Self-Emitted, with Green, blue and red separated diodes. No colour filters need. Simply stunning array of colours and spectacular design.

Expected to be released in Q2 or Q3 2012 inCanada

LG’s New OLED TV, with a white OLED light support combined with RGB colour filter.

As a result easy to manufacture and an affordable price tag.                                                     Expected to come out second half of 2012

Sony New LED TV, with over 6 million super-fine LEDs, comparable to the OLED technology. No date of when this will be in the market set at this moment.

The next step in 3D

With Hollyhood spending millions in making better and more 3D movies, one can expect the evolution of 3D TV technology to step up too. Toshiba has developed glassless 3D notebooks and Full HD 3D Televisions too. Critics at the moment say watching TV with the Glasses have better quality than without at this moment, but the concept is down to time and development for the quality to reach equality.

The Secrete Gadgets That Make Part of New Technology in 2012

Future look into apple ipad 3It’s a pity the coolest gadgets of 2012 are all secrete as most TechTechies can’t wait to get their hands on these gadgets, after having been fed with all the rumors so far.

What to expect from the Apple Ipad 3 



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What To Expect In Application Development For New Technologies In 2012?

Application development in 2012

The application development market as part of new technology 2012 has had to grow at a fast pace during 2011 in order to keep up with the already fast-paced smart phone market. Mobile developers have provided a long list of applications for the Android, iPhone and many other devices. Mobile development does not look likely to slow down in the New Year, so what will be the must have downloads as we enter New Technology 2012? FULL STORY

Tiny Netbooks: Cheaper and Better than Notebooks

New technology netbooks

Less expensive new technology 2012 Netbooks really are a tremendous investment for any body that requires to make use of a Computing device anyplace they go. These specially compacted machines true new technology of 2012 weigh within a scale of 3 lbs and will have display dimensions ranging 8 to 12 inches.
They’re very sleek and stripped down of numerous peripherals which often are not really crucial for FULL STORY

The New Nook Reader, out in 2012

A picture of nook tablet

Would you happen to be thinking of acquiring the Barnes and Noble Nook e e-book Reader? Out of each and every one of several brand names and kinds of e-readers, you could have to pick out one particular that may perhaps be organizing to supply you using the incredibly most effective superior study by way of at a very good value.


What Is LED TV?

Latest Led TV display

At one time in time, having a flat-screen plasma TV was the biggest thing in the city. It had been a sign that you had it made. Then after that came the boom of the LCD Television, which changed into a giant craze for some time.
It didn’t last long, though. FULL STORY

The ARCHOS Tablet – Small , Flexible and Still Sexy


Aside from the amazing playback capacity well over 20 several hours as well as Several GB regarding storage space to your tuning in enjoyment, it is also able to displaying tune lyrics and even photographs. FULL STORY

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